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Monthly Learning Themes


Monthly learning themes are a way to promote appreciation for different abilities, highlight cultural diversity, and provide opportunities to celebrate educational and national holidays. 

September's Theme is Hispanic Heritage Month!

Student Success Center

Library Hours

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Bishop Hodges Library Hours:

Monday – 8:00 Am until 4:30 Pm l 5:00 Pm until 9:00 Pm

Tuesday – 8:00 Pm until 6:00 Pm

Wednesday – 8:30 Am until 11:00 Pm

Thursday – 8:00 Am until 4:30 Pm l 5:00 Pm until 8:00 Pm

Friday: - 8:00 Am until 4:30 Pm

Saturday – 10:00 Am until 4:00 Pm

Sunday – 10:00 Am until 4:00 Pm



New Printing System

There is a new printing system on campus. This system will allow you to send documents to a que from anywhere and you can stop at the library or Student Success and print them.

  • Simply send your items to
  • Stop in the library
  • Go to job release on the printer
  • Enter your code
  • Choose the documents you want to print. 
  • Collect your Prints